Sanitation Services

How do we carry out workplace sanitation?

The process consists of three parts:​​


First, our staff will clean surfaces such as desks, benches, doors, common touchpoints and appliances with a non-hazardous Virus/Bacteria/Fungi cleaning agent in order to remove pathogens and germs. This first step is highly important because any contaminated organic matter might not be disinfected with the use of the ULV fogger.​


Then, with ULV foggers, we proceed to apply a Virus/Bacteria agent to all surfaces. With this step, we ensure that the cleaning agent attaches to all easy and hard-to-reach surfaces. We then proceed to wait the appropriate time depending on the agent's disinfection time. ​


Finally, we check on all surfaces to ensure that there are no residuals

Routine Cleaning of Touch Points. Proactive Cleaning


Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, countertops and horizontal surfaces) with non-hazardous disinfectants used. Handling and diluting all cleaning products according to directions by the manufacturer.


ULV Fogger use might be required depending on the situation, size or type of site.

Deep Cleaning


Full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for workers.


Cleaning of all horizontal and vertical surfaces


Cleaning of all walls, floors, furniture, and appliances.


Use of ULV fogger  Areas must be unoccupied for a minimum of 1 hour and then ventilated

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