Hi! At Clean Partner, we work a little different than most cleaning businesses. We not only offer an amazing cleaning service that will always work and improve to surpass your expectations, but also we spend a great deal of time building long-lasting relationships to ensure that you never ever have to worry about your cleaning needs.

You deserve to have a cleaning service that doesn't need to be micromanaged. How many times have you had to come to your workplace to find that, once again, the cleaners didn't vacuum properly or didn't clean the kitchen/toilet properly or
failed again to clean your desk and that no matter how many times you tell them to do it, they only seem to fix the issues temporarily?

Well, we noticed that most of these issues come down to two main issues:

  - Lack of constant communication between the cleaner and the cleaning business:

  -  Overpromise and poor delivery


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Lack of constant communication

You may not know this, but we have heard huge numbers of cases where a cleaner is simply "assigned" a new site and very little supervision or follow-up is done by the cleaning company with their cleaner. 
You may think that since the new cleaning business is periodically following up with you, then everything is going well, however, in reality, most cleaners are left to sort things out by themselves and will only hear from their manager if there's an issue that needs to be corrected. 
Thus Little Management Support = Lack of consistency.​

This is by no means an ideal situation and that could easily escalate to other more undesirable events where your cleaners use faulty gear, incorrect use of cleaning agents and even undesirable accidents.

Overpromise and poor delivery

Cleaning businesses everywhere are constantly clashing with each other in trying to obtain new customers. 
Most compete on price and will lower the prices dangerously low to secure the sale while others take advantage of their size and resources to overpromise their deliverables. As a result, many of these businesses underdeliver in the short/long term. All of these strategies allow them to scale very quickly, however, that’s where the fun ends. Have you ever experienced that you’re treated like royalty before you say agree to choose them, but then they only rarely contact or bring any value to you unless you contact them first?

Unfortunately, in both these circumstances, you’re the losing party. Why? It’s because they prefer to deal with the problems as they come rather than what they should be doing from the beginning. Which is simply to LOOK AFTER YOUR BUSINESS. 

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